Click to enlargeWelcome to Trinidad! Trinidad is famous for its warmth and beauty. For your visit to Trinidad you can plan your adventure with our help and discover the unexpected with a choice of breathtaking activities. We urge you to visit Trinidad and discover this lovely cosmopolitan island with its rich historical background with a combined Historic Chaguaramas/Fort George tour where you visit the Military Museum to see the relics of the American Naval Station and then to one of the most popular tourist attractions in Trinidad, the Old British Fort “Fort George” that is perched approximately 1100 feet high to the west of Port of Spain, Trinidad’s capital.

No matter, who you are, where you are, a visit to Trinidad is a must. When planning your visit to Trinidad whether it is for vacation or just business in Trinidad you must make time for our Historical Port of Spain tour or combination including the Scenic Mountain Coastal Drive. What a surprise! This tour begins in the City of Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad where you unveil a great deal of European architectural history after which you journey through the Santa Cruz plantations and enter the North Coast Road to enjoy the coolness of the mountains of the Northern Range and take in the serenity of the Caribbean Sea.

While in Trinidad you can enjoy the beauty, serenity and tranquility of our nature, flora and fauna when you say “yes” to a North Coast Circle tour”. Gosh! It’s beautiful. Right here in Trinidad nestled in the hills of St. Joseph is the largest Benedictine Settlement in the Caribbean “Mt. St. Benedict” a place of national interest that was established in 1912. At the end of it, you must say, “thumbs up, I must return to Trinidad”.


Click to enlargeThey are two Caribbean Islands. Trinidad and Tobago a beautiful un-spoilt holiday island and a lively cosmopolitan island. Trinidad and Tobago has all the traditional beauties of a tropical holiday. Adventure! New Experience! Make your visit to Trinidad and Tobago adventurous with a Tropical Rain Forest Adventure tour. See the strangling fig, the very large bachac nest and have a bath at petite Marianne Water Fall.

Trinidad and Tobago is known for the sun, sea and clear blue sea. Enjoy all of this when you take a Maracas Beach tour where you can relax, unwind and enjoy your swim in the warm soothing waters before enjoying our world famous freshly made “bake and shark”.

The people of Trinidad and Tobago know how to live, how to enjoy themselves, how to laugh, how to dance and how to make you feel welcome. We urge you to discover Tobago by including a one day trip to Tobago to visit the Buccoo Reef or just an Island Tour when you are planning your visit to Trinidad and Tobago.


Click to enlargeNature is at its best. For the nature and eco tourists, this twin island nation whose lifestyle seems to be reflected not only in the beauty of the mountains and forests, but in the exuberance of the natural landscape and the sheer variety of more than 400 species of birds and 600 species of butterflies is a paradise. If you love nature, it’s the ideal tour for you. A tour to Asa Wright Nature Center described as tropical splendour at its best is a must for nature and bird lovers.

Nature and eco lovers, visit the second largest wetland in the island the “Caroni Swamp” home of our national treasure “the Scarlet Ibis”. Take a Caroni Eco Wet Lands Experience tour where the main attraction is the brightly coloured “Scarlet Ibis” and enjoy nature at its best whether you come to bird watch or simply relax and enjoy the natural surroundings of the Caroni Swamp.

Oh la la! It’s a must. Do you really love nature? A Nariva Swamp tour is just what you need. Visit the largest internationally recognized wetland in the Caribbean. This is the wonderful, hypnotic and peaceful part of Trinidad called the “Nariva Swamp”. For nature and eco lovers a walk along the trail to view the red howler monkeys, the yellow headed parrots and maybe the white fronted Weeping Capuchin Monkeys is not enough. Nature has it that you must see the tropical butterflies, large snails and the local medicinal plants that are to be admired. Nature/eco lovers or even those of you who are not we challenge you to visit this paradise.

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